Our Team

Greg Van de Mosselaer

Lead Programmer - FFS Physician

I am a family doctor who, for the last 12 years, has looked after elderly patients as my primary focus in South Etobicoke and East Mississauga. These days, in response to the pandemic, I found myself helping out initially in long-term care and retirement home outbreak settings then increasingly in hospitals. As a result, I am transitioning back to my initial career that focused on hospitalist and emergency medical care.  I currently work in the GTA as well as in Belleville.   I am also the lead programmer of the software that runs this website. This site's technology is based on a kernel of code I have developed while working at the University of Manitoba where I was employed as the CTO for CHIMB.ca . Before joining the CHI team, I had already launched this website tech as ManitobaCPD.com and TREKK.ca for the PERC (Pediatric Emergency Research Canada) as part of an NCE grant and NursePractitioner.ca. I am currently the lead programmer TREKK.ca, SGFP.ca and ManitobaCPD.com. I also am the lead programmer for the PERN-Global.com and PERC-Canada.ca and collaborate with an increasing number of medical clients internationally, all in the public sector.   My central conviction is that "Information is a medical device," and I view my work in knowledge translation using IT tools as a natural complement to my medical practice. Furthermore, I intend to help EBM communities-of-practice deliver better care to their patients by facilitating their organization and collaborative activities.