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visit2SLGBTQI+ terminology – Glossary and common acronyms - Gov't of Canada resource page (expand) Hospitalist Postings (expand) - Anitmicrobial Prophylaxis Easy Choices Infographic (expand) - Anitmicrobial Prophylaxis guidelines (expand)
visitSunnybrook Prescribing Stewardship in Pregnancy (expand)
visitSanford Guide (expand)
visit Antimicrobial Stewardship - Sunnybrook (expand)
visitGovt of Canada - Medical assistance in dying: Overview (expand)'s Searchable Content Library (expand) Spasticity Infographic (expand)
visitStroke Spasticity (expand)
visitMQ6 The Menopause Quick 6 Questionnaire Tool (expand)
visitNorth American Menopause Society NAMS (expand) (expand)
visitVitamin D Tests - When you need them and when you don’t - Choosing Wisely (expand)
visitPap Tests - When you need them and when you don’t - Choosing Wisely (expand)
visitImaging Tests for Lower Back Pain - Choosing Wisely (expand)
visitECG (Electrocardiogram) - When you need it and when you don’t - Choosing Wisely (expand)
visitBone Density Tests - When you need them and when you don’t - Choosing Wisely (expand)
visitUsing Labs Wisely - Hospital Based Program - Choosing Wisely (expand)
visitCFP - MFC Journal Blogs (expand)
visitCanadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) (expand)
visitHeart and Stroke Canada Blood Pressure Resources (expand)
visitHypertension Canada Patient Resources (expand)
visitHypertension Canada (expand) (expand) conferences about family-practice (expand)
visitGenetics Education Canada Knowledge Organization GECKO (expand)
visitSociety of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (expand)
visitCollected professional resources for concussion by (expand)
visitBrain Injury guidelines (expand)
visitOpioids clinical tools - (expand) - International clinical practice guidelines in kidney disease (expand)
visitOpioid Conversion Table - (expand) - Calgary (expand)

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