COVID-19 outbreaks are happening in Long Term Care (LTC) homes in Mississauga

Unfortunately, COVID-19 outbreaks are happening in Long Term Care (LTC) homes in Mississauga. These outbreaks create tremendous stress on the physician and nursing resources within these homes. Primary Care Physicians have the capacity to support these homes and their residents in this time of need. We are reaching out to you because you have previously expressed interest to provide support to LTC Homes through the Mississauga Halton Primary Care Network (MH PCN) WorkForce Survey (https://primarycarenetwork-mh.ca/worksurvey/). We are actively looking for physicians who can help support either now or in the near future LTC Homes in Mississauga that are in need of additional physician support. 


What is needed

  • Physicians who are able to provide in-person and on-call medical support for residents in LTC
  • Physicians will be expected to "round" on residents or units they have been assigned to on a frequency commensurate with the clinical needs of those residents or units
  • Physicians will document and write orders to be completed by the staff (nursing/personal aides) working in the home
  • Physicians will be expected to engage in active Goals of Care discussions with residents, their POAs/SDMs to ensure the care provided is aligned with the resident's wishes and values
  • Physicians will be linked with specific LTC homes and will be connected with the Medical Director and/or Director of Care of those homes who will provide direction on which residents need to be seen or assessed
  • Physicians will work in groups with other physicians who have expressed interest to " share the load" of this added work. Each group of physicians will have an identified lead physician who will work with the medical director of the home to clarify what the needs are and how to deploy the physician team most effectively
  • Physicians will work in collaboration and support the MRP physicians in these homes

How will I stay safe?

  • Appropriate PPE will be made available to any physicians working in these homes
  • Joseph Brant Hospital has been brought on board to assist in the region response with logistics support, in-house and remote infectious diseases specialty services and IPAC training, 
  • Appropriate IPAC procedures are being followed in these homes and physicians will play a critical role to reinforce these practice

How will I be remunerated?

  • Physicians undertaking this work will be eligible to bill H409  or H410.
  • There are no out of pocket or overhead costs for physicians to work in these homes.
  • The funds will flow through Joseph Brant Hospital who is overseeing this regional response.

What additional supports/training is available

  • Physicians will receive "on the job training" style orientation to the LTC home they are assigned by the Medical Director or Director of Care
  • Virtual consultation capacity with specialist physicians affiliated with Joseph Brant Hospital and THP will be available
  • Order sets for the management of patients with COVID symptoms or with palliative care needs are available for use by physicians doing this work. 

How can I help

  • If you’re interested and able to help, please visit https://primarycarenetwork-mh.ca/worksurvey/ and take 2 minutes to enter your available days of the week and your contact info and then if you have additional questions or comments email Michelle Gregory Brooks (Primary Care Advisor) michelle.gregory-brooks@lhins.on.ca. We will work to match need with your location and scheduling preferences.

We thank you for considering and for all that you do for your patients and our community.


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