Our short-term goals have shifted in March 2020 to help our region battle the COVID-19 outbreak effectively. We have been working on PrimaryON's tools steadily since the spring of 2019. This work hit an inflection point in early January with the advent of the outbreak of COVID-19 abroad.  Now, as we see our concerns about the need for a tool like PrimaryON.ca realized, we are more motivated than ever and in a position to help out.

We are rebranding from FHGTree.com to PrimaryON.ca and opening up content brokerage and assistance to all PEM models and professions to facilitate this process.

Our pre-COVID-19 goals have been and will continue to be...

- Provide a representative organization for physicians who practice in FFS, FHG & CCM PEMs.
- Achieve a unified voice for FFS, FHG & CCM physicians.
- Aim for inclusivity in the current Primary Care ecosystem.
- Aim to procure access to services that are currently unavailable to our patients through collaboration with local health organizations.


Identify and help provide solutions to the internal and external barriers that have historically limited the ability of FFS, FHG and CCM doctors in being able to actively engage in primary care planning, coordination and delivery.

How to get involved

- Speak to colleagues & spread the word.
- sign up for our bulletin at PrimaryON.ca/bulletins .
- To join the team email gregvan@em2data.com. Provide us with your contact details & email addresses.
- Follow @primaryONca on Twitter.

Our Team



Lead Programmer - FHG Physician

Presently I am helping organize and deliver LTC MEST Team coverage in the Mississauga and North Halton Region.


I am a family doctor who looks after elderly patients as my primary practice focus in the South Etobicoke and East Mississauga region.  I transition to this practice focus in 2014 because I noted there was a shortage of doctors willing to take on the complex care needs of geriatric populations. What I had not anticipated at the time that I shifted to this focus was how difficult it would be to do so if you were in a patient enrolment model that didn't have robust support capabilities for integrated care. What is amazing in this experience over the last five years is that we have adapted to this reality without the expensive, government-backed tools of integrated care that other patient enrolment models freely enjoy. We have learned some very valuable things along the way that may be of benefit to others.  I hope to share and further develop what we have learned inside the context of this supportive sub-site on PrimaryON.ca for other FFS doctors focusing on geriatrics in the Central LHIN region and beyond.




Primary Care Advisor

Coordinates the LTC SIgn-up collection for Mississauga and Halton regions