Appeal: Mississauga Halton COVID, Cold and Flu Care Clinic Workforce all

Respond to the appeal

Skills Requested:  Cough and Flu ClinicSwabbing CentreVaccination CentreVolunteer assistance in building a community of practice organization

Work at a local febrile illness assessment clinic

Willing to work at a COVID swabbing centre

Willing to work at a COVID vaccination centre

The ability and will to work collaboratively with other in-scope-of-profession colleagues to organize your community of practice. This is volunteer work without definite expectation of financial compensation for your time.

Organizations needing help:  PrimaryCareNetwork-MH.ca (PCN)

Partners to share this information with:  Connected Care Halton (CCH) ,  Mississauga Health Ontario Health Team (MOHT) ,  PrimaryCareNetwork-MH.ca (PCN) ,  Ontario Health

Ontario Health - this is the main provincial provider of all health services for the Province of Ontario

Website: https://www.ontariohealth.ca/

Regions:  MiltonMississaugaMississauga Halton LHINOakvilleSouth Etobicoke

COVID-19 has highlighted the need to build community-based teams that can address the priorities of local communities, co-design clinical programs with patients and caregivers at a population scale, and to build trust and address structral inequities.

As an immediate priority, there is an urgent need and opportunity to commence this work based on clinic hub development that targets testing, assessing, and vaccination in response to current community need and anticipated future pandemic impacts.

If you would like to help support local pandemic response hubs in Mississauga Halton region, please submit your information and general availability through this appeal.

Your response will be shared with the partner(s) you consent to below and as open shifts become available they will contact you directly.