Appeal: Family Doctors Needed to give COVID Vaccine all

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Dear Colleagues,

Family Physicians throughout the pandemic have demonstrated their critical role in caring for the needs of patients in our community. We have continued to deliver continuity of care to the best of our capacity, while also being responsive to community needs (e.g. Cough and Flu clinics, flu vaccine, cancer screening). However, it has not been without its challenges and stressors.

With the arrival of COVID-19 Vaccines in Canada some hope for relief from the pandemic begins. Family Physicians can and will play a critical role in the vaccination campaign. Based upon provincial planning the first vaccines will be for front line health care providers/essential workers working with the most vulnerable populations (e.g. LTC/RH/Congregate living settings). While there are still unknowns, today we are making an ask for Family Physicians to support the COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy. We are looking to create roster of Family Physicians who are willing to help administer COVID-19 Vaccine.

Please review the information below to see how you can help contribute this important activity.

What is being asked?

COVID-19 Vaccines (Pfizer) is expected to rollout locally shortly under Provincial direction. We are looking to identify physicians who could be available to help administer the vaccine. If you agree to contribute, you will need to provide a firm commitment on either half days or full days that you can contribute to this effort. You will receive training about best practice for handling and administration of the vaccine, and would need to provide 2 hours for this training.

When will this start?

The rollout pace and approach is still to be determined and is under Provincial direction. This is a proactive identification of those who are interested and available to support. The hours will likely range from 0800 - 1700.

Who will be vaccinated?

According to the provincial prioritization framework, the first group to receive vaccines will be HCWs/essential workers of congregate settings (e.g. LTC, RH, etc.). Upon completion of this group, the next proposed priority population is HCWs/essential workers in a hospital setting (e.g. hospital employees or others who work or study in a hospital).

Where will the vaccination occur?

The COVID-19 vaccines require storage at very cold temperatures and very specific steps for preparation and handling. As such the vaccination will occur at a local vaccination site in the early stages of this vaccination campaign to ensure integrity of the cold chain and ensure optimal conditions for vaccine administration.

Will PPE be provided?

PPE will be provided to Physicians who agree to work in this campaign during the time they are working at the vaccination site.How will I be remuneratedThe work will be remunerated in a competitive way and we will share the plan as soon as possible.

How can I sign-up?

If you are able to contribute to this campaign or require additional information please email Jennifer Tran (jennifer.tran@lhins.on.ca).

Yes, I am interested.

Thank you for considering to join us in this critical vaccine campaign. And thank you for all you do to support the health and wellness of our community.

Kind regards,

David Daien
Division Head, Primary Care, THP, Co-Chair Primary Care Council Ontario Health Central Region

Sohal Goyal
Chair, Mississauga Halton Primary Care Network, Co-Lead Primary Care COVID Response, Mississauga OHT

James Pencharz
Co-Lead Primary Care COVID Response, Mississauga OHT


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