Appeal: Mississauga Halton Primary Care Workforce Collection all

Respond to the appeal

Skills Requested:  LTC family doctorCough and Flu ClinicEmergency departmentSwabbing CentreVaccination Centre

Work at a local long term care centre

Work at a local febrile illness assessment clinic

Work at a local hospital emergency department

Work at a local COVID swabbing centre

Work at a local vaccination centre

Partners to share this information with:  Mississauga Ontario Health Team (MOHT) ,  Connected Care Halton (CCH) ,  PrimaryCareNetwork-MH.ca (PCN)

Regions:  Mississauga Halton LHIN

How You Can Help Support Our Mississauga Halton Community During COVID-19
As your Primary Care Network (PCN), we have had several discussions about how to match willing & available physicians with temporary staffing needs throughout the region. As a sector we need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently in anticipation of the second wave of COVID-19.

In order to best support patients and providers in our community, we have stepped forward to work with local OHTs in gathering this information so that personnel can be quickly deployed where required. By having this centralized collection point, it will help us coordinate and avoid individual physicians from having to complete this information for several different sources.

**NOTE: If at any time your contact information, interest and/or availability changes, remember to edit your responses using the link in the confirmation that will be emailed to you. It helps to have the most up to date snapshot of our available workforce at all times. We will do our best to match physicians within your local catchment but you may also be presented with opportunities to consider in neighbouring areas as needed.**

Thank you! Your dedication to primary care is both important and genuinely appreciated.

To find out more about the Mississauga Halton PCN and our local OHTs, visit us at https://primarycarenetwork-mh.ca/